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Journals Network is a social/advice network and podcast for teens and tweens. You will find us in the iTunes App Store and on YouTube.

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An Advice and Support driven Social Network which encourages Cyber Kindness. A weekly video podcast featuring a panel of teens weighing in on teen issues.  A daily, public journal.

Your own chat room and common areas for making friends and sharing advice, fun, entertainment and creativity.

At Journals Network teens and tweens the world over are joining the conversation and talking about the things that matter most like love, fears, dreams, dramas, family, friends and growing up. Community members are creating their own profiles and collectively building a safe space to read, write, learn, share, encourage, interact and give and get advice. With guidance from a team of moderators and Teen Expert, Louise Palanker, the goal is Cyber Kindness.

It's all happening at Journals Network.

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